"Never be afraid of taking a leap of faith"

I love teaching and I love watching you grow!

Over the years I have been teaching, I've learned how to really make my images stand out with the way my presets are created!

Styling is so important & we will talk about this and talk about this in the PRIVATE mentorship group you will be a part of where we do monthly zoom calls! Don't worry if you can't attend the zoom call - they are recorded and posted in the group for you to watch!

I have created these presets to really bring out the colors in our photos & the videos I created with help show you EXACTLY what I do when I edit!

My OG'S are the oldest set - the ones I first created! So I would start with the Texas-set, work your way to Summer & then your way to OG when you are learning.

The Texas set is my most commonly used preset group! But I still have attendees who use summer and OG! Just depends on how much of a POP & COLOR POP you want with your images!

I do love gifting my mentees surprise things! So I know in the group when you are added to it, you will see extra stuff in there for you to download!

Also when other courses are released - you guys get special discounts for being a part of my mentees!


I want you to succeed.

I love teaching and I love watching you grow.

If you want to see others who use my preset : Check out the TSP Preset Facebook group & The TSP Mentorship instagram page!

Lets get your next step with your business going!

I do payment plans but it needs to be fully paid off before you get enrolled in the courses!