The Client Welcome Guide

A 10 page customizable Canva Pdf that you will send to your clients when they book a session with you!

This gets your clients ready for what's going to happen next when booking a session with you!

*Must not run business within 90 miles from North Pole/ Fairbanks AK*

What does this include?

Prep them with what's coming next!

What are Storytelling Sessions?

How do they run and what they should expect & do!

Reminding them about styling & Questionnaires

Styling & Location!

Popular Pinterest Searches

+ My own Pinterest board links for visual help!

List of things they should be doing : What to do next after booking!

Youtube links for DIY Mom hairstyles & toddler hairstyles for them to check out!

Why hair matters!

Prep for the session : What should they do the day of?

Example Curriculum

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days after you enroll
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Available in days
days after you enroll

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